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AS-210C Boiler Tubes And It\\'s Relevant Standards

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SA-210C tubes and it’s relevant standard

SA-210C is the ASME standard for boiler and superheater pipelines and  belong to medium C-Mn steel.SA-210C are widely used Economizer and Furnace wall and other pipe system in 300MW, 600MW and larger capacity thermal power station with working temperature less than 500 degrees, the economizer, such as low temperature superheater pipe system. The density of SA-210C steel is 7.85kg/dm.

Other countries in the world have adopted the good property C -Mn steel to produce high pressure boilers, such as STB52 in Japan and 19Mn5 in Germany. China calls it 25MnG in GB5130, but limits the extent of the content of C and Mn. The chemical and physical properties of these steels are as follows:






Notes:SA-210C specifications used in the 300MW unit high-pressure boiler piping system:


For more SA 210-C SMLS tubes details and their specifications, refer to our product catalogue or contact our sales representatives.

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