Why do more and more people use TPR casters?

Now more and more users in the market are more and more fond of TPR casters. We see more and more TPR casters in factories, hotels and life. It also gradually appears in everyone’s vision and has become a good partner and helper in our life. Let me give you a brief introduction of why TPR can become a new caster in the fierce market.

Introduction to TPR casters:

1. Thermoplastic elastomer TPR compound has become an important raw material in castor and wheel industry because of its convenient processing and molding (it can be directly molded by injection molding machine), excellent wear resistance, elasticity, shock absorption and low noise.

2. Common casters, such as shelf wheels and cart wheels, are made of hard plastic (such as PP, PA) and soft plastic (such as TPR, TPE, PU, EVA, TPU). As the framework material of casters, hard plastic plays the role of load-bearing, while soft rubber plays the role of anti-skid, shock absorption and noise reduction.

3. At present, TPR caster manufacturers generally mainly use hard plastic copolymer PP, some use PA nylon, and soft plastic uses TPE. TPR accounts for a large proportion of market demand This kind of castor is usually processed by two – step injection molding That is, the first step is to inject hard plastic parts PP or PA; The second step is to put the formed hard plastic part into another set of mold, fix the position, and then shoot and stick the soft plastic TPR to the position where the hard plastic part needs to be covered.

TPR caster benefits:

1. Hardness 55a-95a;

2. Quiet operation without noise interference;

3. And PP have excellent adhesion;

4. Good shock absorption, anti-skid and wear resistance;

5. High bearing capacity, high wear resistance and high resilience;

6. Good UV resistance and chemical resistance;

7. Leave no trace on the floor, unlike the rubber wheel, there will be sulfur and carbon black precipitation;

8. Excellent wear resistance and pullout elasticity, UV resistance and ozone resistance;

9. Weather resistance and no erosion, which can be applied to all kinds of harsh and extreme environments at home and abroad;

10. Wide temperature resistance range, allowing long-term use of the temperature range between – 50 ~ 115 ℃;

Its advantages are not only mentioned above, but also used in hotels, factories and workshops. The application scope of TPR casters is not limited to these fields; Of course, we need to explore and discover its good performance and advantages that have not been mentioned.

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Shopping Cart Casters

In the supermarket, we often see a tool – shopping cart. Shopping cart is the most common tool in the supermarket. Its existence is to help people easily load and move items in the shopping process. Its most important part is the caster at the bottom. It can be said that the caster of shopping cart is the core part of the whole shopping cart. If it is less, it will lose the labor-saving effect. Heavy loads, high barriers, and the great differences between the cold storage area and the store counter all put forward high requirements for shopping cart casters.

The flexible movement of shopping cart is due to the installation of casters, which include fixed casters and movable casters. Among them, the movable caster is also known as the universal wheel. Its remarkable feature is that it can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and drive in any direction. The flexibility of universal wheel is inseparable from its structure, so what parts does it consist of?

① Single wheel: a single wheel is a wheel

② Movable support assembly: the movable support assembly is composed of movable support, axle, nut, screw or inserting rod, excluding wheel, inner wheel bearing and shaft sleeve.

③ Shaft sleeve: the shaft sleeve is a non rotating part made of steel sleeved outside the axle, which is used for the wheel bearing to rotate and fix the wheel in the support, and the shaft sleeve needs to be equipped with a rotating shaft.

④ Rotating bearing:

A. Single layer bearing: there is only one layer of steel ball on the large track, commonly known as single row ball bearing;

B. Double layer bearing: also known as double row ball bearing, it has double-layer steel balls on two different tracks;

C. Economical bearing: it is composed of steel ball supported by upper ball plate formed by stamping;

D. Precision bearing: it is composed of standard industrial bearing.

⑤ Center rivet:

The center rivet is an integral part of the base plate and is used to fix the bolts or rivets of the rotating device. Tightening the bolt type rivets can adjust the looseness of the universal wheel caused by rotational wear.

With the development of modern commerce, there are more and more kinds of goods. Usually when people need to buy many kinds of goods, people tend to choose to go to large supermarkets with a wide range of goods, such as Carrefour, Wal Mart, RT mart and so on. These large supermarkets are basically equipped with shopping carts, because shopping carts are flexible and can provide great convenience for customers to carry goods. Therefore, the selection of shopping cart casters is particularly important, because it can directly affect the service life of shopping cart.

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Detailed explanation of knowledge points on spring damping castors

For the use of casters, when we pay attention to its load-bearing, we should also pay attention to another aspect of its performance, that is, its shock absorption. For some textile and clothing types, there are often no such requirements when using casters, but if it is an industrial place in the electronic and electrical industry, it is often necessary to meet these requirements when using them. Because if there is no shock absorption, the whole product will be greatly damaged by handling. In terms of shock absorption of casters, the first thing to pay attention to is its design on the wheels, and now there are often many types of wheels.

Support features:

The support adopts 4-station automatic carbon dioxide protection welding technology, which has high strength and impact resistance, and adopts environmental protection galvanizing treatment. The salt spray test has reached the national level 6 standard; The destructive and torsion test and hydrochloric acid melting point test are carried out according to European regulations and national standards, which can fully meet the specified standards.


Product advantages:

1、 Easy start. Caster spring damping wheel adopts high-quality iron core wrapped polyurethane wheel, which has good toughness, elasticity and wear resistance. When installed on the equipment vehicle, the starting power is small (for example, 6-inch shockproof wheel, when the single wheel load is 200kg, the starting power is 3.6kg force);

2、 Resistant to high-speed driving. The caster wheel disc adopts double tapered roller bearings, which can better prevent the wheel from shaking in the process of high-speed traction, greatly reduce the noise and provide a quiet production environment for the production workshop.

3、 Sealing, dustproof and anti winding performance. The anti-seismic spring of the anti-seismic damping wheel is completely sealed, with good dust-proof and anti entanglement, which is suitable for different choices and requirements.

4、 Shockproof performance. The spring caster adopts high-quality impact resistant and anti-seismic spring and large track diameter bead disc, and the bottom plate and upper and lower bead discs are heat treated, which can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of the bead disc, make the bead disc rotate more flexibly and easily, greatly improve the stress performance and avoid the damage of the wheel caused by vibration on the concave convex ground.

Scope of use:

Kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, heavy field operation platform, material handling vehicle, heavy frame, heavy storage equipment, heavy tool vehicles, etc.

Single wheel features:

The material is high elastic polyurethane, which can be used indoors and outdoors. The wheel surface is slightly circular, which is flexible and light. Similar products are generally polychlorinated or polyether. In contrast, this product has better toughness, strong adhesion fastness, no degumming, no cracking, wear resistance, compression resistance and other capabilities after special treatment, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Polyurethane injection is a polyurethane elastomer injected through chemical injection, It is based on polyester polyol diisocyanato ethylene glycol. Protective floor, traceless, non staining, elastic, very resistant to friction and corrosion of many corrosive substances. UV resistant. But not resistant to hot water, steam, warm air and aromatic solvents.

In addition, it has a very low degree of permanent deformation, small rolling resistance and less heat when bearing dynamic load. The color is red. The applicable temperature range for pouring polyurethane: – 30 ℃ to + 70 ℃, and the maximum temperature for a short time is + 90 ℃. The rigidity is improved in the environment below – 10 ℃. Hardness 92 °± 3

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