What are the characteristics of aluminum screws?

Although aluminum screws are less used than screws made of other materials, aluminum screws also have a market demand. Today we will talk about the characteristics and application fields of aluminum screws.

The proportion of aluminum screw is only one third of that of iron. It is a metal material with extremely light weight and good conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility. In addition, aluminum alloy can obtain the same hardness as steel, so it can be used when both high strength and light weight are required. Although aluminum screw is far from being popularized, it has unique properties in aviation, medical and other related fields, It is used more and more widely. Next, we will introduce several representative aluminum alloys for screw production. It should be noted that model x refers to the model in JIS.

1. Aluminum copper alloy screw [Model 2000]

After heat treatment, aluminum copper alloy is an alloy with superior strength and hardness, including A2017 (hard aluminum) and a2024 (super hard aluminum) with higher hardness. Because it contains copper, it has poor corrosion resistance.

2. Aluminum magnesium alloy screw [model 5000]

Aluminum magnesium alloy is the aluminum alloy with the best corrosion resistance and good processability. Although it has medium strength, it has a good balance of mechanical properties. Therefore, it is a widely used aluminum alloy. Representative models include a5005 and a5052

3. Aluminum magnesium zinc alloy screw [model 7000]

Aluminum magnesium zinc alloy is one of the strongest aluminum alloys, among which A7075 [superhard aluminum] is used in aircraft manufacturing and other fields. However, the corrosion resistance of this series of aluminum alloys is poor.

The tensile strength of SS400, a representative steel in aluminum screws, is 400MPa. Among aluminum alloys, A2017, a2024, A7075, etc. are harder than SS400, while aluminum alloy a5052 with the best corrosion resistance is slightly inferior in strength.

Although the utilization rate of aluminum screws is not as high as that of other materials, it is undeniable that aluminum screws have certain advantages in performance. When choosing the screw material, we can choose the screw material according to the actual use needs. If you have any questions or want to know more about aluminum screws, please contact us by email [email protected] or call us by 0086 18920150762