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Detection of bearing operation process

Detection of bearing operation process Rolling sound of bearings: A depth gauge is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of bearings during operation. Even if there are very slight scratches on the bearings, they will make abnormal and irregular sounds. The detector can effectively solve this problem. If the […]

What surface treatment methods can be used to improve the prevention of corrosion in fasteners?

Fasteners are the most common components in mechanical equipment and play a crucial role. However, corrosion is the most common form of damage to fasteners during use. In order to prevent corrosion during use, we will perform surface treatment on fasteners after production. So, what surface treatment methods can improve fasteners to prevent corrosion? There […]

Cause Analysis and Treatment of Leakage of Hydraulic Flange

Cause Analysis and Treatment of Leakage of Hydraulic Flange In case of flange leakage, the following factors are usually considered: (1) Leakage caused by ineffective sealing due to loose flange fastening bolts. Retighten the bolts and make anti loose marks at the bolts. (2)  Cracks and damages of flange connecting pipes due to overpressure, life […]

What are the characteristics of aluminum screws?

Although aluminum screws are less used than screws made of other materials, aluminum screws also have a market demand. Today we will talk about the characteristics and application fields of aluminum screws. The proportion of aluminum screw is only one third of that of iron. It is a metal material with extremely light weight and […]

Why do more and more people use TPR casters?

Now more and more users in the market are more and more fond of TPR casters. We see more and more TPR casters in factories, hotels and life. It also gradually appears in everyone’s vision and has become a good partner and helper in our life. Let me give you a brief introduction of why […]

Shopping Cart Casters

In the supermarket, we often see a tool – shopping cart. Shopping cart is the most common tool in the supermarket. Its existence is to help people easily load and move items in the shopping process. Its most important part is the caster at the bottom. It can be said that the caster of shopping […]

Detailed explanation of knowledge points on spring damping castors

For the use of casters, when we pay attention to its load-bearing, we should also pay attention to another aspect of its performance, that is, its shock absorption. For some textile and clothing types, there are often no such requirements when using casters, but if it is an industrial place in the electronic and electrical […]

Process flow of making elbow

Process flow of making elbow Seamless elbow: an elbow is a pipe fitting used at the turn of a pipe. The proportion of all pipe fittings used in the pipeline system is large, about 80%. Generally, different forming processes are selected for elbows with different materials or wall thickness. The common forming processes of seamless […]

Production process of needle roller bearings

Production process of needle roller bearings 1. Needle roller bearings include many varieties, such as one-way needle roller bearings, automotive needle roller bearings, drawn cup needle roller bearings, etc. 2. In the needle roller bearing process, there is a blank forming process. Before that, the bearing needs to be well planned; then the blank is […]

Three things to be cared about bearings by heavy truck manufacturers

Whether lifting a boom or moving heavy objects, earth-moving trucks rely on bearings. Choosing the right bearing means: longer service life for heavy-duty truck mobile applications, the potential for maintenance-free bearings, and the ability to withstand stronger static and dynamic loads.    Some people may argue that all bearings are the same. However, there are […]

Classification of solar photovoltaic support system

1、Photovoltaic system on sloping roof According to the different slope roof substructure, we will provide you with unique accessories specially developed for slope roof photovoltaic system to meet your requirements. Characteristics of photovoltaic system support on sloping roof: § Suitable for tile roof with different thickness and adjustable height accessories, flexible to meet customer application […]

Driving mode of butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is a disc type open and close reciprocating rotary 90 ° Left and right to open, close or regulate the flow of a medium valve The door. Butterfly valve is not only simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque […]

What is double eccentric butterfly valve?

The double eccentric butterfly valve is also called high-performance butterfly valve, which is mainly used for drainage of water works, power plants, steel smelting, chemical industry, water source spring engineering, environmental facilities construction and other systems, especially for waterway pipeline, as regulation and closure equipment. Compared with the center line butterfly valve, the double eccentric […]

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic press

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic press (1) Advantages For the hollow structure with variable cross-section, the traditional manufacturing process is stamping two half pieces first, and then welding them as a whole, while hydroforming can form the hollow structure with variable cross-section at one time. Compared with stamping and welding process, hydroforming technology has the […]

Key points of selection of common hydraulic valves

Key points of selection of common hydraulic valves The selection of proper hydraulic valve is an important condition to make the design of hydraulic system reasonable, the technical and economic performance excellent, the installation and maintenance simple, and to ensure the normal operation of the system. Because the selection of hydraulic valve is very important […]

What should be paid attention to when welding lifting rings?

What should be paid attention to when welding lifting rings? Welding rings in production, its welding is a very important operation, is a test of human technology process. Matters needing attention in the welding of welding rings: 1. The welded structure can be annealed at a temperature of less than 600 ℃ for stress relief […]

Common materials of rings and riggings

Common materials of rings and riggings Based on the proper consideration of the use of rings, of course, it is better to choose high quality materials. Therefore, both manufacturers and users attach great importance to this issue. Kosobi is Professional manufacturers, a variety of non-standard specifications can produce, long screw use It does not affect […]

Classification of hydraulic valves

Classification of hydraulic valves According to different classification methods, hydraulic valves are divided into many kinds: 1、According to the control method: manual, electric control, hydraulic control, proportional 2、According to function: flow valve (throttle valve, speed control valve, shunt valve), pressure valve (relief valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, unloading valve), directional valve (electromagnetic directional valve, […]

Application fields of stamping robot

Application fields of stamping robot It is an effective method to use stamping robot instead of manual operation to form a fully automatic production line in stamping production. The overall design of the stamping robot should be considered comprehensively, so as to make it simple, compact, easy to operate, safe and reliable, convenient to install […]

Nondestructive testing of welded pipe fittings: NDT

Nondestructive testing of welded pipe fittings: NDT Definition of NDT for welded pipe fittings: NDT refers to a testing method for materials or workpieces that does not damage or affect their future performance or use. NDT can find defects in the interior and surface of materials or workpieces, measure the geometric features and dimensions of […]