Classification of solar photovoltaic support system

1、Photovoltaic system on sloping roof

According to the different slope roof substructure, we will provide you with unique accessories specially developed for slope roof photovoltaic system to meet your requirements.

Characteristics of photovoltaic system support on sloping roof:

§ Suitable for tile roof with different thickness and adjustable height accessories, flexible to meet customer application

§ The connection plate and other accessories are designed with multiple openings, which is flexible and effective to realize the support position adjustment

§ No damage to roof self waterproofing system

Flat roof photovoltaic system

2、Common flat roof forms are: concrete flat roof, color steel plate flat roof, steel structure flat roof, ball joint roof, etc.

Features of flat roof photovoltaic system support:

§ Large scale and orderly laying

§ A variety of stable and reliable connections with the foundation

§ According to the different needs of customers to develop unique accessories to meet the requirements

3、Large scale ground photovoltaic system

The common large-scale ground photovoltaic system generally adopts the form of concrete strip (block) Foundation (special foundation conditions need to consult professional soil mechanics designers).

Features of large ground photovoltaic system bracket:

§ Rapid installation and construction schedule of large-scale ground photovoltaic power station

§ The flexible adjustment forms meet the complex and changeable requirements of the construction site

§ Simplify the number of accessories to facilitate on-site workers to identify and install

4、Column solar support

In order to meet the installation requirements of larger size battery modules, and can be used in the area with high wind speed, a ground strengthening structure is designed. The support system can adjust the horizontal angle according to the needs. When installing the system, there is no need for field welding. According to the assembly drawings provided by us, the bolts can be completely installed by placing them in the corresponding bolt holes. Main features: the module area is 12.8 square meters; Completely maintenance free; High reliability and long service life; The power reaches 1.6 kW; No need to move, the system is fixed; Wind resistance ≥ 200 km / h; The price is reasonable.

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Driving mode of butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is a disc type open and close reciprocating rotary 90 ° Left and right to open, close or regulate the flow of a medium valve

The door. Butterfly valve is not only simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque

It is easy and quick to operate, and has good flow regulation function and closing sealing characteristics at the same time. The butterfly valve does not work

Is an automatic valve, its opening and closing need to install transmission device, with manual operation to complete. What are the transmission modes of butterfly valve?

Common butterfly valve transmission methods are: handle, worm gear, electric, pneumatic. Let’s talk about it one by one.

Handle butterfly valve: the handle is installed on the butterfly valve. By pulling the handle, the opening and closing of the butterfly plate can be controlled, and the pulling angle can be adjusted

The degree is 0 ~ 90 °。 Handle butterfly valve is greatly affected by diameter and pressure, and can only be used for pressure ≤ PN16, diameter ≤ PN16

In the pipeline of ≤ DN200. The price of handle butterfly valve is the cheapest among these transmission modes.

Worm gear butterfly valve: a butterfly valve with a wide range of applications. The worm gear head is installed on the butterfly valve and driven by the worm gear

To control the opening and closing of butterfly valve, the worm gear drive controls the opening and closing of butterfly plate by turning the hand wheel and driven by the gearbox gear

Open and close. The worm gear butterfly valve is not limited by the diameter and pressure, as small as DN50, on the pipeline with diameter more than 1m,

Can use worm butterfly valve. Worm gear butterfly valve can also be used in medium and high pressure pipeline.

Electric butterfly valve: the butterfly valve is equipped with an electric actuator. The switch of the butterfly valve is driven by electricity, and the electric butterfly valve is equipped with

It is easy to operate and realize remote control. The opening and closing speed of the electric butterfly valve can be adjusted. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. It can be used to control air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil and liquid gold

It belongs to the flow of various types of fluid such as radioactive medium and radioactive medium.

Pneumatic butterfly valve: air is inhaled through the pneumatic actuator, and the air is compressed, and then the compressed air is used as the driving force

The force source drives the valve stem to drive the disc-shaped butterfly plate to rotate around the axis of the valve stem, and the rotation angle is 0-90?. When the butterfly plate

Rotate 90 from initial position ° The valve is opened to close or closed to open. Pneumatic butterfly valve actuator is divided into single acting

And double action form, double action for ventilation on, ventilation off! The single acting actuator has the function of spring return,

It can be automatically closed or opened in case of gas or power failure, with high safety factor!

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What is double eccentric butterfly valve?

The double eccentric butterfly valve is also called high-performance butterfly valve, which is mainly used for drainage of water works, power plants, steel smelting, chemical industry, water source spring engineering, environmental facilities construction and other systems, especially for waterway pipeline, as regulation and closure equipment. Compared with the center line butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve has higher pressure resistance, longer service life and better stability.

Working principle: double eccentric butterfly valve is further improved on the basis of single eccentric butterfly valve. The structural feature is that the axis of the valve stem deviates from the center of the butterfly plate and the body. The effect of double eccentricity enables the butterfly plate to break away from the valve seat immediately after the valve is opened, greatly eliminates the unnecessary over extrusion and scratch phenomenon between the butterfly plate and the valve seat, reduces the opening resistance distance, reduces the wear and improves the service life of the valve seat. At the same time, the double eccentric butterfly valve can also use metal seat, which improves the application of butterfly valve in high temperature field.

Structural characteristics:

1. It is reasonable in design, compact in structure, easy to install and dismantle, and easy to maintain.

2. Eccentric structure is adopted to reduce the friction of sealing ring and prolong the service life of valve.

3. Completely sealed, leakage zero. It can be used in ultra high vacuum condition

4. Replace the sealing ring, butterfly plate, rotating shaft and other materials of valve plate, which can be used in various media and different temperatures

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