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What is malleable iron pipe fittings ?

Malleable cast iron is commonly known as malleable iron. First, it is poured into white iron castings, and then malleable annealing (the malleable annealing decomposes the cementite into flocculent graphite) to obtain malleable iron castings.

Category of malleable iron pipe fittings .

The main products are nipples , galvanized elbow, galvanized tee, galvanized cross, galvanized coupling, galvanized union, galvanized reducer coupling, galvanized reducer tee, galvanized 45° elbow, galvanized bushing, threaded tee, threaded elbow ect

Applications of malleable iron pipe fittings

Products are widely used in water, oil and gas pipeline connections, and are the preferred products for domestic and foreign construction, fire protection, chemical industry and oil refining industries