Cause Analysis and Treatment of Leakage of Hydraulic Flange

Cause Analysis and Treatment of Leakage of Hydraulic Flange

In case of flange leakage, the following factors are usually considered:

(1) Leakage caused by ineffective sealing due to loose flange fastening bolts. Retighten the bolts and make anti loose marks at the bolts.

(2)  Cracks and damages of flange connecting pipes due to overpressure, life fatigue or unqualified materials. In this case, a new qualified flange shall be used for replacement. If it is a welding flange, it shall be cut and re welded.

(3) The flange mounting end face or flange sealing end face is not smooth enough, or there are scratches, resulting in the seal ring can not be effectively sealed. The mounting surface or flange sealing surface shall be repaired to achieve proper roughness.

(4) The seal ring is damaged due to the wrong installation method. Replace it with a new one.

(5) Seal life is too short due to improper selection of seal ring. Considering the service life requirements, working pressure, acid and alkali environment, and the impact of high temperature on the seal ring, select the appropriate seal ring.

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