Common materials of rings and riggings

Common materials of rings and riggings

Based on the proper consideration of the use of rings, of course, it is better to choose high quality materials. Therefore, both manufacturers and users attach great importance to this issue. Kosobi is

Professional manufacturers, a variety of non-standard specifications can produce, long screw use

It does not affect the bearing tonnage, and the material used is high-quality alloy steel. The quality of the rings produced is undoubtedly high.

The material and technology of universal rings are comparable with those of foreign brands. The service life depends on what kind of environment you use and how long you use them

Appropriate, not in a humid environment, no load use, as long as you use the correct storage method

Also appropriate, then do not worry about the quality of the rings, durable that is for sure. Tianjin cosobi’s universal rings can rotate 360 degrees and flip 180 degrees, with complete specifications, a large number of goods and high quality

Said, commonly used alloy steel material rings, let you use will be more stable.

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