E-type bearings: toughness and economy

Bearings are used in almost every industry, but sometimes designers need rugged parts that work reliably in the harshest environments. E-type bearings are very suitable for these conditions and can roll smoothly even in the presence of debris, dirt, water, chemicals and high temperatures.

Another key benefit is that the rolling elements are tapered roller bearings, which can accommodate high radial and thrust loads.

In Decho, needle roller bearings have become our best-selling products because of their cost-effective design. The key lies in the housing: these components use strong steel, cast iron or other strong materials to protect the bearing and provide excellent performance throughout the life of the bearing.

Two main types of units

There are two main designs of E-type bearings: standard and split. The standard unit has a single, solid shaft-ready housing, while the separate unit consists of two separate housings, providing greater flexibility in difficult settings.

Standard E-mounting units-robust material construction makes these units the best choice for high-capacity applications, with special bearings that can adapt to temperatures up to 350°F.

All standard E-type bearings are pre-lubricated and fully assembled to withstand radial, thrust and impact loads. Advanced applications and industries such as mining, water treatment, mills and paper shredders require such powerful bearings.

Split housing E-type mounting units-the split structure of these units allows them to accommodate deviations of up to ±4°. It can be used for the expansion design of the super long linear axis to ensure the largest positive contact and excellent performance.

The split housing unit reduces downtime by inserting replacement parts, allowing quick and convenient maintenance, while keeping the housing base fixed and aligned. Can be used for steel, split housing units in the toughest industries where booming applications, such as forestry, marine, fans and blowers, and cement.

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