Food grade solid lubricating stainless steel bearings

In sensitive food-grade applications and corrosive environments, selecting the right bearing is essential to ensure the best system life and reliability. In these demanding settings, bearings must provide high performance and durability without the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Over the years, bearing manufacturers have developed a series of solutions designed to resist the general wear inherent in applications that are constantly exposed to corrosive elements or continuous high-pressure washing. For example, stainless steel bearings, solid lubricants, seals and slings can be used to make unique components that provide high performance and long life while resisting bearing contamination.

The bearing unit uses food-grade solid lubricants and a safety front cover, which is designed to provide maintenance-free performance, reduce downtime and increase cost savings.

Food-safe solid lubricants do not need to be reused after installation, and because these bearings are resistant to erosion, they can easily withstand the continuous cleaning required in hygiene-critical food and beverage applications.

The combination of seal and slinger ring is used to form a scour-resistant barrier, which also helps prevent bearing contamination, as is the 100% stainless steel bearing structure. Stainless steel also helps prevent chipping and corrosion, which can eventually lead to failure of contaminated bearing parts. Finally, the protective cover provides additional moisture and pollution prevention measures, while helping to protect maintenance personnel.

Food-safe solid lubricating oil is a polymer product containing food-safe oil, which can be used in the temperature range of 14°F to 212°F and can be used in many food applications. The oil is stored in a porous material, which acts like a sponge, ensuring that only the required amount of base oil is released to lubricate the movement of the parts. This allows for continuous lubrication, extending bearing life and reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Since this food-grade lubricant is contained in a sponge-like cavity, it will not come into contact with the high-pressure washing that must be carried out regularly to eliminate contaminants; H1 solid lubricants can easily resist these washings and remain intact and effective. In addition, the design of the seal and oil slinger eliminates the risk of lubricating oil leakage, which will attract dust and dirt around the bearing.
Common applications

In addition to being an ideal solution for food-grade applications, some needle bearing series are also very suitable for corrosive environments due to their unique seal and slinger design.

These bearings can be used in many sectors that have direct or accidental contact with food, such as conveyors, bottling/canning, dairy processing, seafood and meat processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production. Our bearings are particularly suitable for mixing, mixing, separating, cooking, drying, packaging and packaging applications in these industries. Locations that are difficult to maintain or inaccessible can also benefit from these bearings because they do not require regular maintenance or replacement after the initial installation.

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