How to adjust the gap between the bearings by adjusting the gasket?

Adjuster gaskets are commonly used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precision machinery, hardware, mechanical parts, stamping parts, and small hardware manufacturing. Repair molds, measure mold gaps, shake, swing, and instability due to mechanical aging. This product can be used to solve machine maintenance problems. How to use adjusting shim to adjust the bearing axial clearance and the position of the gear?

The method of adjusting the gap of the bearing is as follows:

First, use addition and subtraction to adjust the adjustment shim between the bearing cap and the base. Fill a set of gaskets of soft material (soft steel sheet or elastic paper) between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat; during adjustment, first do not install the gaskets on the bearing end cover, and tighten the bearing evenly on one side The screw on the end cover turns the shaft by hand until the rolling elements of the bearing contact with the outer ring and there is no gap in the shaft; at this time, measure the gap between the end cover of the bearing and the end face of the bearing seat, plus the need for normal bearing operation This is the total thickness of the gasket required between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, and then fill the required gasket between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, and tighten the screws.

Then, use the screws installed on the bearing cover to push the gland that presses on the outer ring of the bearing. Since most gears and shafts are installed in the form of shoulder or step positioning at one end, and spacer positioning at the other end, the position of the gear can only be adjusted by increasing the length of the spacer.

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