Decho is a prefessional piling pipe supplier from China, we are able to supply pipe sizes ranges from 219mm to 3620mm , length up to 50 meters long as piling usage. if you are interested in our piling pipes,  please contact [email protected] .

What is piling pipe ?

In recent years, offshore deep-water wharf projects have also been built on a large scale in the domestic coast. As the main bearing capacity of deep-water wharves, spiral welded large-diameter steel pipe piles are commonly used; in addition, bridge repairs, road repairs, high-rise buildings, etc. Pile pipes are required.

Pipe Sizes : 219-3620mm

Pipe Length : up to 50 meters long

Material of Piling Pipe :

ASTMA252 GR1, GR2, GR3. ASTMA53/ API5L GR.B, X42,X52 ect

Surface Quality :

There shall be no defects such as cracks, broken arcs, arc craters and pores on the surface of steel pipe welds. Welds with the above defects are allowed to be repaired, and defects are allowed to be ground or repaired. Steel strip butt welds are allowed on the steel pipe, and the steel pipe is allowed to be formed by butting two pipe sections. Butt welding can be carried out by submerged arc welding or manual welding.