Some tips on buying gasket products

At present, gaskets will also be widely used in many industries. Regardless of their small size, they can play a very important role. So how do we choose when we need a gasket?
1. The type and scope of gaskets should conform to the design documents and current effective standards of the country and related industries. Changes in gasket materials and usage standards must be approved.

2. There are many factors that affect the selection of gaskets. Generally, on the premise of ensuring safe operation, you can try to choose a gasket that is cheap, easy to manufacture, easy to install and replace.

3. The thickness of the gasket depends on the specific situation. Generally speaking, if the sealing surface is well treated and the pressure is not too high, a thin gasket should be used. However, when the internal pressure is high, the washer is too thin, which is not conducive to the extension of the bolt, and the rebound of the washer is too small to achieve the required amount of recovery, which may cause leakage. Therefore, when the pressure is higher, a thicker gasket should be selected.
4. In order to ensure the interchangeability of gaskets, the specifications and materials should be unified as much as possible when selecting models. When considering meeting the requirements for use, specifications and materials should be combined as much as possible, and unnecessary problems should be avoided.

5. It is not allowed to use edgeless high-strength gaskets under the conditions of medium gas and high pressure, and corrugated gaskets are also not allowed to be used on serpentine and grooved flanges.

6. Special requirements should be paid attention to. If a certain medium does not allow mixing of fine fibers, fiber gaskets should not be used. If some parts will vibrate violently, you need to choose a gasket with strong vibration resistance, resilience and durability.

7. The gaskets connected to the valve and flange at the bottom of the liquefied balloon tank should be spiral wound gaskets with metal protective rings.

8. When using gaskets, they should be used in a fully annealed state, and softer materials should be used as much as possible. The hardness of the gasket should be lower than the flange sealing surface.

9. The replacement principle of gaskets on imported equipment is to replace the types and materials as they are. When the gasket form or material needs to be replaced due to special reasons, approval is required.

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