What are the valve installation requirements?

1. Before installing the valve, carefully check whether the model and specifications of the valve used are consistent with the design;

2. According to the valve model and factory manual, check whether the valve can be used under the required conditions;

3. When lifting the valve, the rope should be tied to the flange connection between the valve body and the bonnet, and not tied to the handwheel or valve stem, so as not to damage the valve stem and handwheel;

4. When installing the valve on a horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be vertically upward, and the valve stem should not be installed downward;

5. When installing the valve, it is not allowed to use the forced pairing connection method to avoid damage due to uneven force;

6. Rising stem gate valves should not be installed in damp underground places to avoid corrosion of valve stems.

Assembly requirements

The cleaned parts must be sealed and stored for installation. The requirements for the installation process are as follows:

1. The installation workshop must be clean, or set up a temporary clean area, such as newly purchased color striped cloth or plastic film, to prevent dust from entering during the installation process.

2. Assemblers must wear clean cotton overalls, cotton caps, no leakage of hair, clean shoes on feet, plastic gloves on hands, and degreasing.

3. The assembly tools must be degreased and cleaned before assembly to ensure cleanliness.

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