What causes the poor operation of stainless steel needle roller bearings?

Stainless steel needle roller bearings can be used in medical equipment, food processing, optical instruments, precision instruments, machine tool motors, machining and other industries. However , Some problems will inevitably occur during use.

The problem listed below :

1. shaft heating

Solution: If it is because the sealing ring on the shaft is too tight, you can adjust the position of the packing back cover appropriately. If it is caused by the friction between the stainless steel needle bearing cover and the shaft in the radial direction, you need to adjust the difference between the two Clearance.

2. bearing heating

Solution: If the lubricating oil of the bearing is not enough, you need to check whether the oil circuit is normal and add lubricating oil regularly. If the assembly is not aligned correctly, you can add a gasket at the base of the bearing.

3. axial runout

Solution: If it is because the bearing is not stable, you can use a roller ring to fix it. If it is because the stainless steel bearing clearance is too large to cause axial runout, you need to adjust the gap.

4. oil leakage

Solution: If it is because of the failure of the sealing decoration, you need to replace the sealing material. If it is because the lubricating oil has increased too much, the oil volume needs to be reduced. Generally, the oil volume can be increased at the standard height.

5. the amount of oil on the main friction surface is small

Solution: If it is because the oil ring rotates slowly, you need to check whether the oil ring has fallen off, if it needs to be fixed in time, if it is because the oil groove is shallow and the oil pipe is blocked, you need to deepen the oil groove and clean the oil pipe. .
Among the many parts of mechanical equipment, stainless steel bearings are used frequently, and occasionally, they may malfunction during use. What is the cause? Once it malfunctions, it will seriously delay production.

After years of accumulated experience, stainless steel needle roller bearing technicians have summarized the following four reasons for the poor operation of stainless steel bearings:

Four reasons for the poor operation of stainless steel bearings.

1. Poorly smooth

In many cases, the poor operation of stainless steel bearings is due to poor smoothness. If the bearing surface is relatively smooth, hotness can reduce wear and friction and reduce the chance of rust.

2. Bearing over temperature

In many cases, if the temperature of the stainless steel bearing is too high during use, it is easy to cause poor operation. The bearing accuracy is relatively low, the type selection is not good, and the cooling effect is not safe. It is easy to cause the bearing over-temperature phenomenon.

3. Dust and environmental pollution

Dust and particles floating in the environment will enter the single weight of the stainless steel bearing. If the bearing is not cleaned regularly, the dust and impurities will wear the bearing and cause poor operation.

4. Power supply system problems

If the power supply is frequently switched on and off, it will cause the working voltage and current to fall out of frame, which will lead to over-temperature or poor operation due to load, which will shorten the life of the stainless steel bearing. The higher the power, the greater the exchange voltage, and the easier it will be. risk.

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