What should be paid attention to when welding lifting rings?

What should be paid attention to when welding lifting rings?

Welding rings in production, its welding is a very important operation, is a test of human technology process.

Matters needing attention in the welding of welding rings:

1. The welded structure can be annealed at a temperature of less than 600 ℃ for stress relief without reducing the working load.

2. Do not cool the welding point quickly.

3. Please check the welding points one by one, without any cracks, dents or scratches. If in doubt, use non-destructive testing methods such as magnetic particle or liquid penetrant testing.

4. If repair is needed, grind the defect clean and carry out qualified welding again.

Attention should be paid to welding materials: according to the electrode manufacturer’s recommendations, welding materials must have tensile strength higher than 70000psi (such as awsa5.1 e-7018). For inert gas shielding metal electricity

The diameter of welding rod is 0.8-1.2mm, according to DIN 8559-sg 3. AWS a 5.18. One of the important points to be reminded is not to weld in open space or in bad weather.

Welding rings of welding temperature influence matters needing attention, need your careful and responsible operation, in order to avoid those trivial trouble, we should pay attention to it.

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