Why choose ultra-high molecular polyethylene material as the material of the tunnel escape pipe? What are the installation standards?

Tunnel escape pipe


The escape pipeline used in the tunnel is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The installation of escape pipelines in the tunnel is generally based on prevention and facilitates escape. The tunnel escape pipeline plays a role of secondary defense. The polymer escape pipeline is light in weight, easy to disassemble and transport; the pipeline has good toughness and high impact resistance. It deforms instantly when impacted by a strong external force, absorbs a large amount of impact energy, and then quickly restores its original shape, providing emergency rescue for highway tunnel construction escape Safe and reliable guarantee.

The tunnel escape pipe is a pipe made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. It is simple, pure and not exaggerated because of its appearance, and its nature is solid, durable and not perishable. The quality of the pipe is much higher than that of commonly used pipes. It has extremely high impact resistance and cannot be broken by external impact. It will not be deformed after being hit by a large stone and can be restored to its original appearance.

Installation of escape pipe


The main purpose of the installation of ultra-high polymer escape pipes is to prevent and avoid risks. The ultra-high polymer escape pipes are called “amazing engineering plastics”, which have very strong impact resistance and wear resistance, even if they are strongly affected by the earth’s crust. Changes, such as earthquakes, will not break the pipeline, but will only slightly deform. It is almost impossible to measure the impact resistance limit of UHMWPE pipes. Therefore, the use of escape pipes as escape pipes is very cost-effective.


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