Advantages and disadvantages of Dacromet bolts

Dacromet bolt is the transliteration and abbreviation of English DACROMET. Dacromet is a new kind of surface treatment technology. Compared with the painful electroplating technology, Dacromet can be said to be a kind of “green plating”. So, what are the advantages of Dacromet bolts compared with other bolts?


1. Although the thickness of the Dacromet film is only 4-8μm, its anti-rust effect far exceeds the traditional electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or paint coating method, so Dacromet bolts also have excellent anti-corrosion properties. Rust effect.

2. Dacromet’s processing technology determines that Dacromet bolts will not appear hydrogen embrittlement, so Dacromet bolts are very durable.

3. Dacromet bolts are very resistant to high-temperature corrosion, and the heat-resistant temperature can be as high as 300℃. The traditional galvanizing process is far inferior to it.

4. Good adhesion and recoating performance: The coating on Dacromet bolts can produce good adhesion with the metal substrate in contact, and it has strong adhesion with other coatings. The processed parts are easy to color. The bonding force with the organic coating even exceeds that of the phosphating film.

5. Dacromet bolts will not produce gas and sewage that are good for the natural environment during the entire process of production, processing and coating coverage, and no subsequent treatment is required, which greatly reduces the treatment cost.


Although Dacromet bolts have many advantages, some of its disadvantages cannot be ignored.

1. Some Dacromet bolts contain chromium ions that are harmful to the environment and human body. Chromium ions can cause very serious consequences, especially the role of hexavalent chromium ions that can cause cancer, which should be paid attention to.

2. The coating surface color of Dacromet bolts is single, only silver white and silver gray, which is not in line with today’s personalized society. Although there are other ways to add color to it, there are some troubles after all.

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