Precautions for Dacromet bolt application and causes of rust

Dacromet bolts are bolts with Dacromet plated on the bolt surface. It is a new type of surface treatment technology. Compared with the traditional electroplating process, if you only compare the anti-corrosion and oxidation functions, hot-dip galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing are better choices. However, in addition to these two points, these two surface treatment methods make it more difficult to match the bolt and the nut due to the thickening of the surface of the bolt. Therefore, considering more aspects, Dacromet bolts are a better choice.

Dacromet bolts still use a kind of “green plating” bolts. It is more environmentally friendly than ordinary galvanizing, mechanical galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing and will not cause pollution.

Pay attention to the following items in the process of using Dacromet bolts:

1. Dacromet bolts will age rapidly when exposed to light, so the coating process should be carried out indoors.

2. If the baking temperature of Dacromet bolts is too low or too high, it will lose its anti-corrosion ability. Therefore, Dacromet bolts should be baked in a suitable temperature range.

3. The life cycle of Dacromet bolts is very short and should be used up as soon as possible.

4. Dacromet bolts have poor wear resistance, so they should be sealed with other wear-resistant coatings after the bottom coating.

Reasons for the rust of Dacromet bolts

Also pay attention to the rust of Dacromet bolts. There are four reasons for the rust of Dacromet bolts:

1. Use treated Dacromet bolts with lock washers. Due to the different corrosion potentials of the two metal materials, Dacromet bolts with lower potentials are more likely to be corroded.

2. The coating on the surface of the Dacromet bolt is not evenly covered, and the rust will start in the uncovered area.

3. Because the pretreatment did not remove the rust on the rough embryo, red rust will appear from under the coating.

4. Dacromet bolts are not resistant to acid and alkali, so the acid and alkali environment is also the cause of rust.

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