What problems are prone to occur during the use of Dacromet bolts?

When people use Dacromet bolts, there will always be problems of one kind or another. Let’s analyze together what causes such problems.

1. Material reasons:

The threads of Dacromet bolts made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy often lock or jam. These types of metal alloys have good ductility and are fundamentally different from materials such as carbon steel. The specific differences are as follows: Dacromet bolts have anti-corrosion properties, and when the surface is damaged, a thin oxide layer will be produced on the metal surface to prevent further and deeper corrosion. When the Dacromet bolt is locked, the pressure and heat generated between the teeth will destroy and erase the chromium oxide layer between them, causing the metal teeth to directly block or shear, and then adhesion occurs. When the adhesion phenomenon continues, the Dacromet bolt will be completely locked and can no longer be removed or locked. Usually, this series of blocking, cutting, pasting and locking actions will happen in a short time. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of the product and following the correct operation method is the first step to prevent Dacromet bolts from locking.

2. Reasons for the jam:

(1) When assembling and matching bolts and nuts produced by the same heat number, the possibility of Dacromet bolt locking will increase.

(2) The influence of thread accuracy. The matching of external thread grade 6H and internal thread 6H will increase friction.

(3) In the material composition, the higher the copper content, the higher the possibility of thread locking. However, due to the deformation of cold forging, materials with higher copper content may be used when manufacturing Dacromet bolts. The materials used may cause the Dacromet bolts to be locked.

The above are the problems that may occur during the use of Dacromet bolts and the reasons for these problems. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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