How are angular contact ball bearings maintained?

How are angular contact ball bearings maintained?

1. When the bearing runs for a certain period (or warranty period), remove all the bearings;

2. Use diesel or kerosene to soak and clean the bearing. If there are technical conditions, the sealing cover can be opened for cleaning;

3. Dry the cleaning oil after cleaning, and check whether the appearance is damaged;

4. Use a wooden rod with a diameter of about 150mm and an inner diameter such as an angular contact ball bearing (a hollow tube is better), and the bearing is fixed at one end;

5. Rotate the bearing quickly by hand, and at the same time put the other end of the wooden stick (wood tube) on the ear or the microphone of the audio amplifier, so as to listen to the noise of bearing rotation;

6. After fixing the bearing, move the wooden pole horizontally to check whether the bearing is worn or loose;

7. FAG bearings with severe looseness, excessive rotating noise, and severe defects should be eliminated and replaced with the same model;

8. Take an appropriate amount of lubricating grease (preferably yellow dry oil) and melt it with a slow flame (not overheating), and immerse the tested bearing in the barrel so that there is no bubble overflow. Remove the bearing from the lubricating oil before cooling, the amount of remaining lubricating oil is small. After the lubricating oil is cooled, the angular contact ball bearing is removed, and there is a large amount of remaining grease. Determine the amount of grease remaining when necessary.

9. Wipe the grease on the outside of the bearing with a soft cloth or toilet paper, install the fixing device of the bearing on the pulley, and the maintenance work is over.

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