What is the structural difference between deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings?

Deep groove ball bearings are typical rolling bearings. They are widely used and can withstand radial and bidirectional axial loads. They are suitable for high-speed rotation and require low noise and vibration. Sealed bearings with steel plate dust caps or rubber seals, Pre-filled lubricating grease, outer ring bearing with stop ring or flange, easy to locate axially, and easy to install on the shell. The larger size bearing is the same as the standard bearing, but the inner and outer rings have a fixed groove , Increase the number of ball loading and increase the rated load.

Angular contact ball bearings: There is a contact angle between the ring and the ball. The standard contact angle is 15/25 to 40 degrees. When the contact angle is large, the axial load capacity is large. The small contact angle is good for high-speed rotation. Single row bearings can withstand radial directions. Load and unidirectional axial load. DB, DF and double row angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load. DT group is suitable for occasions with large unidirectional axial load and insufficient single bearing rated load. Use ACH at high speed Type bearings, with small ball diameter and large number of balls, are mainly used for machine tool spindles.
All in all, angular contact ball bearings are suitable for high-speed, high-precision rotating occasions. Deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings with the same inner and outer diameters and the same width have the same inner ring size and structure, but the outer ring size and structure are different.

1. Deep groove ball bearings have double shoulders on both sides of the outer ring raceway, and angular contact ball bearings generally have only one shoulder;

2. The curvature of the outer ring raceway of deep groove ball bearings is different from that of angular contact ball bearings, and is often greater than that of angular contact ball bearings;

3. The position of the outer ring channel of deep groove ball bearings is different from that of angular contact ball bearings. It is not at the center position. The specific value is considered during design and is related to the size of the contact angle.

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