Knowledge about wear-resistant pipes

Wear-resistant pipes mainly include wear-resistant elbows, straight pipes, tees, small and small ends, square and round joints, reducing pipes and other structural parts, which are mainly used for pneumatic, pumping slurry and other material transportation pipelines. Because the conveying medium has the characteristics of high hardness, fast flow rate, and large flow rate, it can effectively reduce the long-term continuous impact, wear and corrosion of the conveying medium on the pipe wall, which causes the pipeline to fatigue and gradually wear through.

1. Definition of wear-resistant pipe

According to different wear conditions, there are also different material choices for wear-resistant pipeline lining. Wear-resistant ceramic pipes lined (lined with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride, Sialon, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, etc.); wear-resistant alloy pipes; tortoise shell mesh wear-resistant pipe fittings; steel rubber resistant Grinding pipe; steel-plastic wear-resistant pipe; wear-resistant cast stone pipe; wear-resistant self-propagating composite pipe; rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe, etc.

2. The main application of wear-resistant pipes

Wear-resistant elbows are widely used in the following industries in addition to ash removal, slag discharge pipes, powder feeding and powder returning pipes, and desulfurization pipes in coal-fired power plants:

Mines: coal water slurry, coal washing slime, mine filler, pulverized coal in the coal industry;
Metal mines: wear-resistant elbows for conveying concentrates and tailings;
Metallurgy: blast furnace coal injection and slag conveying pipelines in iron and steel plants; CAO, zinc dust conveying pipelines, steel conveying ferroalloys, furnace refining and other preferred wear-resistant elbows;
Cement plant: raw slurry conveying, coal powder conveying, elevator unloading, finished cement pneumatic conveying and unloading, concrete conveying wear-resistant elbow of rotary kiln wet production line.
Chemical plant: pulverized coal transportation pipeline, silicon powder and other raw materials transportation wear-resistant elbow.

3. Detailed use of wear-resistant pipes

It has spread to the industries of electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, etc., and is developing rapidly. When the abrasive material is transported in the wear-resistant pipe (such as ash, coal powder, slag powder, tailings, cement, etc.), there is a problem of rapid wear of the wear-resistant pipe, especially the elbow wears faster . When the gas, liquid or solid with strong corrosion is transported in the wear-resistant pipeline, there is a problem that the wear-resistant pipeline is corroded and quickly damaged. When materials with higher temperature are transported in wear-resistant pipes, there is a problem that the use of heat-resistant steel pipes is very expensive. After the wear-resistant pipes are on the market, these problems are solved. Wear-resistant pipelines are widely used for the transportation of severely worn mine fillers, ore concentrates and tailings. Wear-resistant pipelines such as powder delivery, slag removal and ash transportation in coal-fired thermal power plants are also very suitable. Wear-resistant pipelines are ideal wear-resistant pipelines for transporting strongly corrosive acids, alkalis, salts, and abrasive solids and liquids. Wear-resistant pipelines are very safe and reliable when used in high-temperature corrosion, high-temperature wear or high-temperature ablation.

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