Manufacturing process of dredging sand pumping pipe

The daily application of dredging sand pumping pipes is mainly to discharge silt from rivers, lakes and other places. The accumulation of silt and salt in some river ports will affect the normal navigation of our ships. At this time, we need to The sludge is discharged by the dredging sand pumping pipe, which has high efficiency and low cost, which is inseparable from its good production technology.

1. The dredging and sand pumping pipe is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder plus a small amount of paraffin wax and carbon black through high temperature melt extruding extruder.
2. Ultra-high pipes with different diameters and thicknesses need to choose different molds.
3. The length can be made arbitrarily according to the actual needs of users.
4. Color Masterbatch can be added to the raw materials according to user needs. Generally, carbon black is added to produce black UHMWPE pipes, which can be used for anti-sun and ultraviolet radiation.

How to reduce the clogging of the dredging sand pumping pipe?
During the construction of the dredging and sand pumping pipes, the problem of blockage of the wear-resistant pipes will be encountered, which will affect the progress of the project. There are many factors that affect the blockage of wear-resistant pipes. Including the size, shape, concentration, specific gravity, tube wall roughness, fluid viscosity, etc. of the solid particles in the mud mortar. The main factors are as follows:
(1) The larger the particle size of the mud and mortar, the larger the particle size of the conveying medium, which will increase the sedimentation speed of the particles in the mud and cause pipeline blockage, thereby increasing the resistance loss of the dredging pipe. Therefore, reducing the particle size in the slurry can effectively improve pipeline blockage and reduce the pipeline transportation resistance of the slurry.
(2) The surface roughness of the dredging pipe, the roughness of the inner wall of the pipe will increase the resistance coefficient of the pipe. Therefore, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes with smooth surfaces should be selected to effectively reduce pipeline resistance.

The above are the reasons for the blockage of the dredging and sand pumping pipes. After knowing these reasons, we need to prescribe the right medicine. Different types of wear-resistant pipes have different prices, so it is very important to choose cost-effective wear-resistant pipes. From the transportation and installation of the pipeline to the normal use in the future, choose the cost-effective wear-resistant pipe according to the wear rate of the transmission medium during use.

Different types of dredging and sand pumping pipes have their own product characteristics and are used in different fields. When choosing, wear-resistant pipes should be customized according to their own working conditions and technical requirements. Some require only abrasion resistance, some require abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance, and some require high temperature or low temperature resistance. Only by choosing suitable wear-resistant pipes can the dredging and sand pumping pipes last longer and the medium transport effect can be better.

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