Process and application of integral calcined ceramic composite pipe

The whole calcined ceramic composite pipe is composed of seamless steel pipe, calcined ceramic pipe and filler

Integral calcined ceramic pipeline process

Desulfurization ceramic wear-resistant pipes are assembled by firing ceramic pipe fittings as a whole, and pouring the shaped ceramic pipes inside the steel pipe with special fillers. The alumina content of the ceramic pipe fittings lining the desulfurization wear-resistant pipeline is not less than 95%. 200T dry pressing, sintering temperature is as high as 1670℃. Its advantages are: smooth inner wall, good sealing, and very good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Production Process
According to the mold, the ceramic powder is sintered into a ceramic pipe, and then combined with the steel pipe. The outer wall of the ceramic pipe and the inner wall of the steel pipe are assembled by pouring a special filler (cement or epoxy resin) inside the steel pipe, and then isostatically pressing. During the sintering process, the furnace cools quickly, cracks easily, and the process is more complicated. The pipe is generally white.

Application of wear-resistant pipe
• Power plant boiler pulverization system pipes, including pulverized powder conveying pipes, coarse and fine powder separator pipes, coal drop pipes, primary air pipes, secondary air pipes, tertiary pipes and burner pipes of the combustion system, and the discharge of the ash and slag discharge system Slag pipeline, powder return pipeline, dry ash transportation pipeline;
• Steel plant raw material conveying pipes, receiving pipes, dust removal pipes, ash discharge pipes, ash falling pipes, batching mixing pipes, mill outlet pipes, coal-fired pipes, pulverized coal pipes, separator pipes, burner square pipes, etc. ;
• Cement plant separator outlet pipes, separator inlet pipes, dust collection pipes, vertical mill outlet pipes, circulating air pipes, coal mill high temperature fan air pipes, discharge pipes and other worn bends.

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