What are the advantages of spiral wound gaskets?

The six advantages of metal spiral wound gaskets are specifically introduced as follows:

1. The metal spiral wound gasket has good compressibility and elasticity.
2. The metal spiral wound gasket has proper plasticity. After compression, it can adapt to uneven sealing surfaces, fill gaps in the sealing surfaces, and ensure good sealing performance when the system temperature and pressure alternate.
3. Metal spiral wound gaskets have good mechanical properties, tensile strength and elongation. The structural density of metal spiral wound gaskets can be determined according to different locking force requirements. The inner and outer steel rings are used to control compression. The surface accuracy of the flange sealing surface contacted by the spiral wound gasket is not high. It is also suitable for occasions where the load is uneven, the joint force is easy to relax, the temperature and pressure will change regularly, and where there is impact or vibration.
4. It has good corrosion resistance, will not be damaged in some extreme media, and will not produce large expansion and contraction.
5. Spiral wound gaskets will not soften at high temperatures, but will shrink at low temperatures.
6. With sufficient strength, the metal wound gasket will not be crushed under the action of external force, nor will it explode under high pressure.

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