What is a nut?

A nut is a nut, a part that is screwed together to fix it with a bolt or screw. According to different materials, the components used in the manufacturing machinery of nuts are divided into several main types such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals (such as copper).

The locknut consists of two parts, each part has a staggered cam. Since the inclination angle of the inner wedge design is greater than the angle of the bolt and nut, this combination is tightly bitten into a whole. When vibration occurs, it can prevent the protruding parts of the loose nut from staggering and generating lifting tension, thereby achieving the combined anti-loosening effect.

Embedded nuts are brass nuts made of various embossed wires. The embedded knurled brass nuts we usually contact are all processed by precision automatic lathes.

The main method of operation for embedded knurled copper nuts is injection molding. After heating, it is embedded in plastic parts or directly injection molded. If injection molding is used, the melting point of the nut needs to be higher than 200°C, so that the embedded nut is melted by heat. After inserting the plastic part, the temperature rises rapidly.

After injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cools and crystallizes. If the temperature of the embedded nut is still high, you can pour it into the place where the copper nut contacts the plastic part and starts to loosen or crack. Therefore, copper nuts can be used instead of carbon steel nuts in the injection molding of embedded nuts.

There are two methods to form the external die knurling of the embedded copper nut. One is to use copper raw materials to draw patterns and then produce them on upper equipment. Usually, the figure drawn in this way is straight, the other is to use a round copper material. In the production process, the round copper material is directly embossed. This processing method can produce some non-standard size knurled copper nuts. The embossing shape of the embedded copper nut can be selected by the user, such as mesh or various scroll patterns.

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