What are the advantages of UHMWPE tunnel escape pipes?

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tunnel escape pipeline has excellent comprehensive performance, and has unparalleled impact resistance, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, light weight, chemical resistance, sanitation and non-toxicity. It is not easy to adhere and is called “magic plastic” in the world. Therefore, it has broad prospects for citation in the fields of machinery, transportation, textiles, papermaking, mining, agriculture, and chemicals.

1)Light weight, only about 1/3 of the weight of steel pipe, easy to disassemble and transport.

2) The pipeline has good toughness and high impact resistance. It deforms instantly when impacted by a strong external force, absorbs a large amount of impact energy, and then quickly restores its original shape, providing a very safe and reliable guarantee for emergency rescue in highway tunnel construction.

3) The pipe ring has high rigidity, good pressure resistance, and is not easy to deform. When a highway tunnel collapses during construction, its pressure bearing capacity and environmental damage resistance far exceed those of ordinary pipes.

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