The processing method of plastic-lined steel pipe determines its performance

The forming principle of plastic-lined pipes used in water circulation transportation:

The steel-lined plastic pipe adopts the original steel body, electric furnace heating, plastic material inner filling centrifugal molding and external hot compress centrifugal processing, and the sealing surface of the connecting flange needs manual hot compress molding. All pipelines and water contact surfaces are all lined with plastic materials, the pipeline connection is convenient and fast, and it has reliable connection strength and anti-permeability. At the same time, all the connection joints are of detachable structure, coupled with the use of pipe fittings that can change direction at will, making maintenance more convenient.

Power pipeline and circulating water pipeline performance advantages:

1. Good corrosion resistance: It is an ideal pipeline for transporting corrosive gas media such as acid, alkali and salt.
2. Good permeability resistance: using rotomolding process or tight lining process, the inner lining is smooth and flat, the friction coefficient is small, and it is not easy to scale, so the permeability resistance is excellent.
3. High operating temperature: under the condition of strong corrosive medium, the applicable temperature range is -29℃—200℃
4. Vacuum resistant. In the range of -29°C to 150°C, it can be used under vacuum conditions. In chemical production, it is often caused by the backflow of local medium due to cooling, longitudinal discharge, and asynchronous operation of pumps and valves to produce a vacuum state.
5. Adopting standardized standard configuration, especially the pipes and fittings used in chemical pipelines are highly interchangeable, which provides great convenience for installation and spare parts.

The rotomolding process design is flexible and can be made into parts with different shapes and sizes. Application and plastic-lined pipes to save consumption costs will also develop in the direction of increasing output.

The plastic-lined pipe is lined with food-grade polypropylene, which can be used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and drinking water industries. Common plastic-lined pipes are: polypropylene steel pipes, polyvinyl chloride steel pipes, polyethylene steel pipes, polyolefin steel pipes and polytetrafluoroethylene steel pipes. Because the plastic-lined pipe has good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, soil and marine life, and physical properties, it has been widely used in agricultural production. At the same time, the use of plastic-lined tubes will not produce toxic side effects on agricultural products, and will not breed bacteria, so that the quality of crops can be guaranteed. From an operating point of view, the pipe wall of the plastic-lined pipe is smooth, and at the same time, it can improve transportation efficiency and have a longer life.


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