What are the pre-use maintenance and precautions for plastic-lined pipe fittings?

Everyone knows the importance of pipelines in our lives. Many jobs can only be carried out through pipelines, such as underground pipelines and liquid transportation. Our lives are inseparable from the use of pipelines. With the rapid development of science and technology, many new types of pipes have appeared on the market one after another. Plastic-lined pipe fittings are one of them, which have more performance characteristics than our traditional pipes.

The precautions before use are as follows:

  1. Do not store in the open for a long time, avoid sunlight, rain, violent collision, and stack heavy objects in multiple layers.
  2. The sealing surface must not be scraped, cut, scratched, scratched or collided with hard objects.
  3. It is never allowed to use electric welding, wind cutting, fire roasting, etc. on the pipe fittings and fittings after the lining, and the distance from the heat source should be more than 1 meter.

The use of plastic-lined pipe fittings has undoubtedly brought new development and opportunities to our pipeline industry, and also brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Now it is very popular among users and is very suitable for the current development needs in our country. Good maintenance of plastic-lined pipe fittings will help extend its service life.

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