what is YK30 tool steel ? Applications and heat treatment of YK30 steel

YK30 steel is an oil-quenched carbon tool steel, often used in stamping dies, fixtures, gauges, paper knives, auxiliary tools, etc.


Vacuum degassing refined steel with stable quality;
Good hardenability, oil-cooled hardening (less quenching and deformation);
Good toughness and wear resistance, durable tools;
YK30 adds Mn and Cr on the basis of SK105 to improve the hardenability.


Gauges, razors, files, cutting tools: tempering temperature 150~200℃;
Blanking die, stamping die, bending die, finishing die: tempering temperature 180~230℃;
Steel chisel and woodworking cutting tools: tempering temperature 200~250℃.

Chemical Composition

Steel Number: YK30 JIS Corresponding Steel Number: SKS93
chemical composition(%):
C  :1.00-1.10
Si : 0.15-0.50
Mn : 0.60-1.10
Cr : 0.10-0.50
P : 0.030 or less
S: less than 0.030

Heat treatment

Forging temperature: 1050~850℃
Heat treatment conditions:
Annealing: 750~780℃ slow cooling
Quenching: 790~850℃ oil cooling
Tempering: 150~200℃ air cooling

Annealing (HB)≦217
Quenching and tempering (HRC)≦63
YK30 transformation point (℃)
Ac725~765 Ar700~600 Ms150

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