Automation products-robot manipulator arm and automatic feeder, debugging is completed, and production can be run.

Tianjin Decho received an entrustment from a customer in June 2021. Due to the epidemic, the manpower of the factory cannot keep up with the production schedule, so it plans to purchase robotic arms and automatic feeder equipment to replace part of the manual work. According to the sample size provided by the customer, our company has conducted close communication with the factory, and finally completed the design and realized the accurate production of the order.

Due to the epidemic, engineers were unable to go to the site for debugging. Taking this into consideration, Decho took pictures and videos of the debugging steps in advance before shipment, and gave customers red marks to remind the customers where they needed attention. After the equipment arrived at the customer’s factory, according to the photos and videos we provided in advance, the customer finally successfully completed the installation and commissioning. He gave affirmation to Decho’s services in the early and late stages, and said that he would continue to purchase robotic arm products in the future to achieve product scale production.