Project Time : 2020-08-08

Project Name : Seef Lusail Development- D1D2 & D3D4

Decho products and simulation result: In December 2019, I received an inquiry from this customer. Due to the epidemic of covid-2019, the project was negotiated for half a year. It was not until June 2020 that the contract was confirmed and the cooperation began. This is the most comprehensive project request. The project came from an EPC customer in Qatar. The products involve Seamless steel pipes, ERW steel pipes, Bends, Pipe fittings, and 3PE/epoxy coating processing.

At the beginning of the cooperation, in order to ensure the quality, the customer chose to arrange a TPI audit. Because 4 factories were involved in the completion of this project, the 4 factories were requested to conduct an overall assessment of the ISO system, production techinque and procession. After the factory inspection is over, the production starts. At the end of July, according to the contract, all the bare parts of seamless steel pipes, erw steel pipes, bends, pipe fittings, etc. were all completed, and the customer arranged a TPI from DNV to conduct all the bare parts inspection again. After the inspection is completed, the coating production process can be allowed. In order to ensure the quality, the customer requires the coating to meet the ISO12944 C3 standard. This time Decho chose the international brand Sherwin’s paint for spraying. After spraying, the customer arranges TPI again for an inspection of the coating.

In this project, the customer and Decho have made their best efforts together to ensure the quality. In the loading of bends and pipe fittings, we found that loaded by 40HC container may cause great damage to the coating. In the end, we chose open-top container. This way, Decho had an additional cost for about 2,000 US dollars. To make clients satisfied, Decho chose to bear this expense alone. After all, this was something we haven’t considered before. Through this contract, the customer is fully recognized on Decho’s service. As soon as the 9 containers were shipped, the customer placed a new contract for 2 more containers. The client stated that he would give priority on cooperation with Decho for future projects.

By doing this project, Decho has also learned a lot. During the implementation of this project, the biggest problem was to coordinate the four factories effectively. Any problem in any factory will affect the entire project. Decho also looks forward to seeing more progress in more projects in the future. We are a young enterprise and will strive for more opportunities regardless of cost. Thanks again to all customers for their trust, understanding and support to Decho. We will spare no effort to serve you