Project Time : 2020-11-24

Project Information : Supply of scaffolding trame , ladder type frame , cross brace, connecting pin, catwalk with hook, and screw plate

Decho products and simulation result: At the beginning of August 2020, we received an inquiry about scaffolding trame and ladder type frame from Vietnam clients. After the initial quotation, the customer expressed satisfaction with our price and expected that we could arrange one samples for checking quality. The order will be placed with Decho after samples approved. In September, the sample preparation was completed. Due to the hot situation for air transportation, the customer did not receive the samples until the end of September. The good news was received one week after the samples arrived and the test was passed. In mid-October, Decho received the purchase order. The production time is 15 days. In face of new product, Decho has once again completed the production timely with quality and quantity guaranteed.


This order includes steel frame, cross brace, connecting pin, catwalk with hook, and screw plate. Shipped in bulk, the customer will assemble on site after receiving this batch of goods. scaffolding trame and ladder type frame are widely used in the construction industry. The surface needs to be hot-dip galvanized or pre-galvanized.

Today, customers have received the goods and have begun to use them. The customer was very satisfied with our order execution and coordination, and expressed their expectation that they would continue to cooperate with Decho in the future.

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