Project Time : 2020-06-18

Project Information : Supply of seamless steel pipes with 3lpe coatings for Bangladesh government project

Decho products and simulation result: As buried pipe delivering water, 3PE anti-corrosion coated pipes has been widely used in government projects in various countries. This is the first time for Decho to export 3PE coated pipes since its new establishment in 2018 .

The customer for this order is a steel distributor in Bangladesh. He has been engaged in steel pipe sales for nearly 20 years and has a good supply relationship with the Bangladesh government. After several email and telephone communications, the customer’s trust on Decho is more sufficient, and a full container quantity is finally confirmed as the trial order. Soon after order received, Decho sorted out the customer’s requirements. Although it is the most conventional seamless steel tube size, We implement each requirement in detail, no matter from the wall thickness to the thickness of the 3pe coatings, the packaging method to the marking. Because we firmly believe that the fulfillment of every small request is the cornerstone of continuous transactions in the future.

Last Friday, we received email that the customer intends to rush to the shippment date by June 20, at the same time ,we just received L/C from bnak. We contacted the logistics department on Friday urgently to book a position on the 20th. And we purchased the seamless pipe from stock on the same day of 12th,June. After the processing bevel end on the 13th/14th, the bare pipe finally arrived at the coating mill on the 15th. The production of 3PE coating started on 16th, and at noon , the container entered the factory. We make loading work as while as productiong.Until 21:00 in the evening,The loading work finished. Now,the customer’s order has been loaded and will be arrive to Bangladesh soon. The customer was informed that this order could be delivered to Bangladesh as his expectation. He highly affirmed the efficiency of Decho’s service and promised us that more new orders would be handed over to Decho in the future.

This order is small, but the original intention of serving customers has not changed. Regardless of how big the order is, Decho is a good partner for customers to be relyed on

Building the world and seriving the world, Decho is doing its best.