Project Time : 2020-09-15

Project Information : Supply of SAE1045 steel round bars and cut into short pieces for Chile client

Decho products and simulation result: From the start of negotiations in March 2020, the first shipment of goods was successfully shipped in May. At the beginning of the negotiation, we have received news that this customer has a demand for this product every month. If there is no problem with the quality, the customer will place an order to Decho every month. With good hopes ,we had a try on this new product.

The customer received this batch of goods in mid-June and arranged a strict quality inspection. In the end, the quality of the goods we supplied was all recognized. The customer praised Decho on wooden box packing method. We considered that the customer would take it out one by one during the processing, so we let each cut finished product stand upright, It is like a shelf, so that their workshop will be much more convenient when application. The customer said that this action has provided great convenience for the workshop workers to operate. When the contract was made, this requirement was not specifically put forward, but we moved ahead of their considerations. They were touched by our little detail.

At the same time, we received their second order by end of June,third order by of July,and forth order by end of August. Except for the forth order still under production, all other goods are delivered on time with quality and quantity confirmed. We look forward to a stable cooperation every month.

God is in details. Decho will continue providing better services in future cooperation. Starting from the heart, insisting on customer first, think what client thinks and do what they want.