3 Pallets of 6001 2RS / 6203 2RS Bearings Delivered

Bearing products are new to us. After receiving inquiries from new clients, we strives to find high-quality suppliers. When the customer determines that it is the confirmed purchase order, we firstly went to the factory for inspection. After confirming the factory, the customer may arrange the order confirmation, deposit, and arrange the shipment in time.

The initial philosophy for Decho was to become a foreign trade procurement company, providing overseas customers with one-stop purchasing and export services. The main services include: searching products, recommending suppliers, following up on order production, inspecting product quality, and International freight deliver and so on. During the epidemic, many foreign customers cannot come to the factory for actual inspection. If you have relevant needs, you can contact us. Thank the old customers for their trust again and look forward to the joining of new customers.

If you need any bearings, pls feel free to contact us by email [email protected]