Three screw pump

Technical parameter

Shaft speed:300 – 3600rpm

Flow range: 0-6000L/Min

Connecting flange: GAS and SAE3000 flange

Outlet pressure: 40bar

Inlet pressure:From 0.7 to 3bar (10bar option)

Working temperature:- 20 ~ 180 ℃

Ambiente temperature:From -20 to +60℃


Three screw pump has various structures, which can be used for horizontal, flange and vertical installation. Heating or cooling structures can also be provided according to the needs of the transported medium. Used as fuel injection, fuel supply and delivery pump in heating equipment. Used as hydraulic, lubricating and remote control motor pump in mechanical industry. Used as loading, conveying and liquid supply pump in chemical, petrochemical and food industries. It can be used as oil pumps for transportation, pressurization, fuel injection and lubrication on ships, and as pumps for marine hydraulic devices.